Pharmaceutical services at ON CALL

While citizens, including health practitioners, welcomed the initiative of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Department in the Qatif Health Network, to launch the “ON CALL” service, to respond to inquiries related to all information related to medicines to raise the quality level of patient safety efficiency. The initiative to include all regions and governorates of the Kingdom, and to allow benefit from the service to all specialists, including patients and the general public, due to its importance in increasing drug culture, and announcing the phone number on various social media, with the contribution of “commercial” pharmacies, which provide the “My Recipe” service, as a service. Included for all visitors to the Ministry of Health centers and hospitals. The Qatif network had announced the allocation of a phone number to activate the service around the clock, seven days a week, targeting doctors, pharmacists and nurses to answer their inquiries.

In turn, Ahmed Al-Amer, a “pharmacist”, indicated that such a service contributes to responding to incoming inquiries, the most prominent of which are: Drug information: everything related to drugs, for example: different concentrations, drug use, drug forms, side effects, and the appropriate dose, whether for adults, children, or adults. have liver failure or kidney failure. Interactions with other medicines or with food. The available alternatives to the drug and the possibility of using it as an alternative, especially in the case of severe side effects. Clarification of the toxicity of drugs or various substances such as metals, chemicals and organic materials, and the appropriate behavior when taking one of them.

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