Preparation for new teachers

The activities of the “Hayyak” program to prepare new male and female teachers in Bukayriyah Education were launched, organized by the Human Resources Department, “Internal Communication”, in cooperation with Teachers’ Affairs, Educational Supervision and Training, in the boarding hall and Haila Al-Aboudi Hall for “girls”.

Al Bukayriyah Education Director, Dr. Khaled Al-Rajeh, explained that the program aims to prepare and prepare new teachers to take on new job assignments, and to provide all cognitive capabilities to support and help them practice work efficiently and effectively, stressing the importance of diligence to reach leadership, each in his field and work.

The program included assistance in the practice of education efficiently and effectively, and support for readiness for teaching and learning through participatory professional development, while focusing on professional development practices based on the school and includes an intensive training plan, including qualitative training programs for all needs in the educational field in all its various categories and specialties. Numerous programs that serve new male and female teachers at the beginning of their educational career and explain to them the organizational and procedural aspects in the areas of regulations, systems, professional development, ethics of the teaching profession, and educational strategies.

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