Prices of building materials.. Decrease in iron and wood and fluctuation in cement and cable

The average prices of many construction materials in the Kingdom decreased during the past seven months of the current year 2023, including ready-made concrete, iron, cement, cables, and wood. The most significant decline was in iron prices, which fell by 13.3% since January, when the price per ton was 3287.43 riyals, and by the end of July it reached 2847.45 riyals.

In comparison between the price of iron now and the year 2006, iron has declined significantly over the past years, until the difference between the current price and the price of 2006 is about 656 riyals.

Concrete and cement

Concrete prices per cubic meter fell from 207.16 riyals to 200 riyals during the past months, while cement prices fluctuated between 13.91 and 14.06 riyals, which is the same thing that the cable prices went through, as the prices of one longitudinal meter of cable ranged between 74.17 and 48 riyals. 79 riyals.

Low prices for timber

According to Al-Watan’s monitoring through the data of the General Authority for Statistics, wood prices also declined by 5% per cubic meter, which is not a significant increase, but the price has gradually decreased since the beginning of the year from 3754.87 riyals until it reached 3564.22 riyals at the end of last July.

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