Qatar imports 72 tons of Jordanian dates in 7 months

Ammon – The date trade sector is witnessing a significant increase in Qatar’s imports of Jordanian food products and commodities.

According to an analysis conducted by the Jordan News Agency, based on the latest figures and statistics issued by the Qatari Planning and Statistics Authority, the quantities of Jordanian dates imported to the Qatari market increased by a good 10.1 percent during the first seven months of this year.

The total volume of the Qatari market’s imports of all kinds of Jordanian dates since the beginning of this year, until the end of last month, amounted to about 72 tons, up from 64.7 tons during the corresponding period of 2022, and 57.6 tons during the same period of 2021.

Dates traders and owners of import and export companies in Qatar affirm that this growing increase in the volume of Qatar’s imports of commodities and food products produced in Jordan reflects the level of positive growth of economic cooperation between the two brotherly countries, and the continuous efforts to strengthen bilateral relations in the commercial fields.

Qatar imports various varieties of Jordanian dates, wet and dry, but its most prominent imports are concentrated on the Medjool variety in the first place, and Al-Barhi to a lesser extent.

Jordanian dates are characterized by their great competitiveness in terms of quality and prices at the same time, which makes them one of the most preferred varieties for a wide segment of consumers in the Qatari market compared to many types and varieties that Qatar imports from abroad, especially from the American market.

Qatari traders attributed the increasing increase in Qatar’s imports of Jordanian dates to several factors, including the high quality of Jordanian dates, the diversity of their varieties, and their competitive strength, in addition to the compatibility of quality and food safety standards between Qatar and Jordan.

They stressed that the continued growth of Qatar’s trade with Jordan in general reflects Qatar’s interest in strengthening bilateral economic cooperation with Jordan, and strengthening efforts to raise the rates of this trade to the level of common aspirations.

These traders pointed out that the pace of importing Jordanian dates will witness a noticeable increase during the coming period, given the continued great demand for them in the Qatari market.

They stressed that Jordanian dates are today classified among the finest and best types of dates that Qatar imports, whether from Arab or foreign countries, explaining that Jordanian Medjool dates attract a wide range of consumers with good taste who love distinguished varieties of dates.

Dates are considered one of the strategic agricultural products in Jordan, as the country witnesses a remarkable annual increase in production and export rates, and the Gulf markets are among the most important foreign destinations for Jordan’s exports of dates.


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