Riyadh and Asir have the most municipal buildings

At a time when the total number of buildings owned by the municipalities of the regions reached 2,629 buildings owned by 96%, compared to 114 «4%», Riyadh controlled the buildings owned by 13%.

The report of the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing for owned and rented buildings until the end of last year revealed that Eastern and Hafar Al-Batin topped the percentage of owned buildings to the total with 100%, and the Holy Capital, Qassim, Al-Jouf, and Al-Baha came second with 99%, Jeddah third with 98%, and Asir and Najran fourth with 97%. , Medina, Hail, and the Northern Borders fifth with 96%, and the Ministry’s office occupied the lowest percentage of owned buildings with 30%, Taif ranked second with 92%, Tabuk and Al-Ahsa third with 93%, and Riyadh and Jizan fourth with 94%.

owned buildings

According to a monitoring conducted by “Al-Watan” according to the Ministry’s data, Riyadh acquired the largest share of owned buildings, with a total of 374 owned buildings by 13%, Asir came second, with a total of 318 by 12%, Eastern third, with a total of 261 by 10%, and Hail fourth, with a total of 229. With 9%, and Al-Qassim fifth, with a total of 221 with 8.40%.

rented premises

Riyadh topped the most rented buildings, with a total of 25 rented buildings by 22%, the Ministry’s office came second, with a total of 16 by 14%, Tabuk third, with a total of 12 by 11%, Jizan fourth, with a total of 11 by 10%, and Asir fifth, with a total of 10 by 9%.

Secretariat buildings

2,743 buildings owned and leased

2,629 owned buildings

114 rented buildings

96% owned buildings

4% of rented buildings

Most owned buildings

Riyadh: 13%

Aseer: 12%

Eastern: 10%

Hail: 9%

Qassim: 8%

Most rented premises:

Riyadh: 22%

Ministry Office: 14%

Tabuk: 11%

Jazan: 10%

Aseer: 9%

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