Roshan launches the Marafi project, north of Jeddah

The Roshan Group, the national real estate developer, one of the major projects of the Public Investment Fund, announced today the launch of the “Marafi” project, north of Jeddah, which is considered one of the largest mixed-use projects, with a capacity of more than 130,000 people and includes an industrial water canal that extends for a distance of 11 km.

Roshan Group CEO, David Grover, said: “An integral part of being one of the major projects is presenting such projects that are capable of making a significant impact on the level of real estate development and raising the level of quality of life in the Kingdom as a global destination for various sectors.” He added, “We are proud to launch the Marafi project, a huge project that will create a new face for northern Jeddah, and contribute to the investment of natural resources and the latest technologies to place Jeddah in the ranks of global cities. The project also contributes to achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in creating a vibrant society and a prosperous economy.” The project aims to develop The urban landscape is one of the most important tourist and commercial destinations in the Kingdom, as the project provides infrastructure, public, recreational and residential facilities aimed at raising the level of quality of life and transforming Jeddah into a global destination, as the water canal is the first of its kind to be constructed in the cities of the Kingdom.

The water canal in Marafi is considered a waterfront that is comparable in area to the waterfronts in Chicago, Stockholm, Hamburg and central London, and thanks to it, the marine environment will enter the heart of that historic city, where it will create a water and urban corridor linking homes and residential communities on the one hand, and nature and commercial centers on the one hand. and recreational amenities that will enhance the lifestyle on the other side. The project works to enhance and support the status of the city of Jeddah by adding a regional urban center equipped with residential, commercial and entertainment spaces on a world-class level that attracts residents and visitors, thus becoming one of the new distinctive landmarks in Jeddah. The Bride, which is the integrated residential project that Roshan is currently developing in Jeddah.

The development of the “Marafi” project will transform Jeddah’s urban landscape into a global destination while preserving its cultural and architectural heritage and legacy at the same time through facades inspired by the architectural style of historic Jeddah combined with the latest contemporary construction techniques. The waters are connected to each other and to the rest of “Jeddah” through the multi-modal transportation system of water taxis, bus lines, the metro station dedicated to the red line, and the direct connection of the canal with King Abdulaziz International Airport.

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