Roshen and summer periodicals of the world

Transfer News Live revealed that the Saudi Professional League Roshen comes second among the highest-spending leagues during the current summer transfers so far, at 775 million euros, while the English Premier League topped the list with 2.198 billion euros; Which consists of the top 10 periodicals in the world.

The Italian League came third (732 million euros), followed by the French League fourth (674 million euros), then the German League fifth (650 million euros), then the Spanish League sixth (373 million euros), then the Portuguese League seventh (169 million euros), Then the Dutch League eighth (168 million euros), then the English Championship ninth (139 million euros), then the Belgian League tenth (112 million euros).

The top 10 highest spending leagues in summer transfers so far in euros

Premier League

2.198 billion

Saudi Roshan League

775 million

Italian Leauge

732 million

French league

674 million


650 million

La Liga

373 million

Portuguese league

169 million


168 million

English Championship League

139 million

Belgian league

112 million

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