Saudi Arabia is moving to the stage of global leadership in the field of information security

Saudi Arabia has made tremendous progress in terms of procedures related to information security, thanks to the highly trained competencies it has, and its adoption of the latest international technologies in the field of data security protection and maintenance.

However, the Kingdom is fully determined to achieve comprehensive information security, which requires the use of the latest and most advanced technologies, with a focus on the most appropriate policies, technical practices and expertise in the field of information security, and educating individuals and companies about aspects related to information security and protection.

The Kingdom is witnessing continuity and momentum with regard to advancing the digital transformation in both the public and private sectors alike, with the aim of strengthening the digital economy and pushing it forward, given that it is now playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Kingdom in all its aspects.

Statistics indicate that the population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has reached 35 million, with 99% of its population having easy access to the Internet, and with an average data consumption of 37 GB per person.

In view of the estimated global losses resulting from electronic piracy, which reached 8.4 trillion US dollars until the year 2022, which is expected to reach about 24 trillion US dollars by 2027, this indicates that electronic piracy has become the fourth global threat, which requires With him extraordinary attention and procedures in terms of information security, more than ever before.

The Kingdom seeks – driven by its ambitious vision – to invest heavily in digital transformation to achieve an effective digital economy system, to enhance a number of aspects, the most important of which is information security, through the support and assistance of a number of agencies in the government and private sectors.

Just as non-profit organizations, the third sector globally, contribute along with these sectors to enhancing information security, and local non-profit organizations in the Kingdom – based on the goals of Vision 2030 – seek to contribute to supporting other sectors by working to create a greater and deeper impact, and among these non-profit organizations; The Information Security Association “Hemaya”, which is now contributing to the service of the information security and safety sector in the Kingdom by enhancing awareness of the dangers of cyberspace by providing consultations and building capacity development programs.

In parallel with these efforts, the Middle East and North Africa Information Security Conference (MENA ISC 2023) came to focus on the concept of “cyber awareness”: moving from the reactive state to the proactive state by taking advantage of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies such as information technology, operational technology and the Internet of Things. This conference is scheduled to focus primarily on enhancing information security as a fundamental pillar for a number of important economic sectors, such as the financial sector, the communications sector, the transport sector, the energy sector, etc. With the Kingdom’s relentless drive towards digital transformation in all sectors, the development of the information security industry It has become of paramount importance to maintain, strengthen and push this transformation forward.

Based on the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2023, which are related to empowering the non-profit sector, Hemaya is participating in the conference. Hemaya is a non-profit Saudi civil association registered with the National Center for the Development of the Non-Profit Sector and technically supervised by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

This year’s conference aims to address secure digital transformation and the development and protection of digital infrastructure as one of the basic components of such transformation. The objectives of the conference also include drawing up plans and strategies that will protect digital assets and government information networks from piracy and intrusions in all their forms.

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