Stroll: ‘Negative spiral’ led to scary Singapore shunt

Lance Stroll has blamed a “negative spiral” which led to his scary crash at the end of Q1 during Singapore Grand Prix qualifying.

The Aston Martin driver was attempting to get himself out of the drop zone, when he came around the final corner and understeered on the kerb.

After the wide moment unsettled the car it caused him to lose control, sending him into the barrier at high speed and doing considerable damage to the left side of his AMR23.

The Canadian described the moments leading up to the smash to media, including RacingNews365: “We just weren’t really improving on that last lap with the out-lap being really bad.

“A lot of traffic, a lot of guys trying to make the line at the end, we got stopped at the weigh bridge so that put us in the back of the queue.

“Then I had to try and pass a bunch of cars to get my lap in before the end of the session.

“I started my lap two seconds behind one the Alfa Romeo’s, which is really not ideal for aero performance.

“I was just not really improving my lap time much to get through to Q2, so I sent it in the last corner, tried to make up some time and it was not doable.”

Stroll: Never fun being in the middle of the track

The impact into the TecPro barriers caused him to bounce back into the on-coming traffic, with the left wheel also getting strewn across the circuit after the tethers failed.

Lando Norris managed to avoid him being directly behind, with the red flag instantly displayed by Race Control.

“It’s never fun being in the middle of a track. I was just checking if everything felt ok with my body,” said Stroll.

“Then once I realised everything was okay, it was just s****y, because we had a rough session and it’s been rough lately.

“We were feeling good after FP3, but it just didn’t go our way at all with bad out laps, traffic, poor tyre preparation.

“When those things pile up it turns into a negative spiral, then the result of that was having the crash.”

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