Studying the 3 semesters encounters challenges

Claims for the return of the two-semester system to schools spread during the first days of returning to schools, and Al-Watan monitored several claims on social media, due to several problems that schools are facing at the present time, the most prominent of which is the trend to include schools, because this procedure will cause students to overcrowd in classes. Students and teachers have many problems, as the number in some classes reaches more than 40 students.

Ministry questions

The academic and writer, Latifa Al-Shaalan, said in her tweet via the “X” platform: “Yesterday, public universities raced to announce their conversion to three semesters with the Ministry’s adoption of this system, with the cost of that transformation at the time, and today we see the same universities racing to return to the two-semester system after the green light from the Ministry.” . what does that mean?.

It remains that the ministry focused, according to some, on public education to continue in this system, so that the technical training departed from the three-semesters system and returned to its previous era, so that these challenges bring memory back to a previous statement of the Shura Council in which he emphasized the study of the negatives of the three seasons, saying, “The application of the three-semesters system The three in all general education schools is a new experience, and it was important to stand on the shortcomings of this experience. And the resulting resistance to change among male and female students, their parents, teachers, supervisors, and society in general, and work to find solutions, present recommendations, and avoid negatives.


In light of the confusion, the Ministry of Education insists on its position on the “three educational semesters system,” with phrases it repeatedly repeated to the Shura Council and the Council of Ministers, which is “the existence of an educational loss,” and the existence of a gap between the years of the educational ladder and the actual teaching period of approximately four years, as The new system allowed more time for study, which became 39 weeks instead of 36 in the two semesters, as the student’s interruption of studies for four months for the summer vacation was enough to erase what he learned, noting that the rate of educational loss reached 90% for some students.

Continuous complaints

In view of a series of complaints besieging education in every region and governorate in the Kingdom, many problems appear that parents and students suffer from, the most prominent of which are: non-implementation of the school transport system in some cities and governorates, severe shortage of male and female teachers, overcrowded classrooms, and problems of air conditioners malfunctioning. Poor cleaning of school premises, the continuation of rented buildings, changing the size of books to a larger and heavier size for male and female students, dilapidated classrooms, and the continuation of twinning schools in some schools between morning and evening studies, and others.

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