Sunflower oil prices increased by 15%

Ammon – The representative of the foodstuff sector at the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, Eng. Jamal Amr, confirmed the stability of the prices of imported basic foodstuffs, with the exception of a slight increase in sunflower oil.

Amr said that the global prices of sunflower oil increased by 15 percent, due to the lack of cultivated areas for sunflower seeds due to the conditions of the Ukrainian-Russian war, stressing that its price in the local market was not affected by more than 5 percent, especially since Russia and Ukraine are among the largest oil-producing countries. Sunflower.

According to Amr, the quantities imported to the Kingdom in the first five months of this year amounted to 19,000 tons of palm oil, whose prices are stable in the local market, compared to 8,000 tons of sunflower oil and 2,000 tons of soybean oil.

He pointed out that the current global indicators confirm the existence of a decrease that will affect rice for the 2023 harvest season, which begins in the second half of next September, unless urgent climate changes occur, indicating that prices will be about 10 percent lower than last year’s harvest season 2022.

Amr stated that the Kingdom’s rice imports in the first five months of this year amounted to 125,000 tons, half of which is long-grain rice originating in India, and the rest is medium-grain from the United States of America, European Union countries, Australia and other countries.

It is noteworthy that the Kingdom’s annual consumption of long and medium grain rice ranges between 150 and 180 thousand tons.


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