The first diploma in Philosophy and Music in Sharkia

The Ministry of Culture granted the first license to a higher institute in the eastern region, “Dammam”, to offer two separate programs, with a diploma degree in the majors of philosophy and music, according to two academic programs approved by the Ministry of Culture, and commensurate with the authentic Saudi culture, and they are scheduled to start on the 3rd of next September, and the certificate Granted in the two programs “Bridging”, it allows the graduate to complete his studies for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

Our Saudi culture

The Executive Director of the Institute, Amna Bu Khamseen, stated that the two programs focus on the basics of philosophy, music and art, explaining that philosophy is the mother of sciences, and art preserves human humanity. It will be an important step for education, for this generation that receives a lot of information through various means without checking it and without Knowing its source, and by learning philosophy, they will be able to form their own identity and a special thought that carries their originality, Arabism, and Saudi spirit without identifying with cultures far from our authentic Saudi culture.

105 hours

She added that the philosophy curriculum is “two and a half years in 5 chapters with 105 hours.” The program aims to achieve national unity and build the national and universal personality within the framework of human rights, dignity, freedom and responsibility, based on the major mental activities of man, and it is qualified to achieve this unity thanks to its universalism and inclusiveness, which is It is linked to the project of national unity, and enables openness to the history of issues related to the data of awareness, and makes the student able to think about major and crucial issues in a comprehensive, broad, precise and profound way, and according to a conceptual approach that gives the mind and the tools of human perception sufficient conditions for action and creativity that guarantee scientific thinking its continuity and non-stop against Any fanatical position or a closed or narrow vision that embodies the principle of calling to consider the horizons and souls and the history and transformations of nations.

sentimental values

She indicated that the philosophy curriculum aims to provide the student with a set of emotional and relational values ​​and strategic competencies that are mainly related to the student’s relationship with himself and with others, and to make the student capable of self-independence in thinking, taking positions, initiative, choice, decision and self-reliance, and the ability to take responsibility for his positions, decisions and choices. To modify individual attitudes and behaviors and make them in line with developments, and to enable the student to build the values ​​that bind him to others and establish a positive relationship with him on the basis of mutual respect, openness, tolerance and solidarity, while preserving and preserving human dignity as an end in itself and not a means, in addition to fulfilling the duties and responsibilities resulting from living. Collaboration and work within the group.

Philosophy study goals:

01 – Building distinguished youth competencies in philosophical studies capable of understanding the ancient Islamic and human philosophical heritage on the one hand, and understanding and criticizing modern and contemporary intellectual and scientific schools on the other hand.

02 – Making the Saudi citizen in a direct relationship with the contemporary philosophical and scientific reality so that he can contribute effectively to rebuilding the thought of the Islamic nation first and human thought second.

03 – Promoting scientific research in philosophical studies and making good use of it to deal positively with contemporary human reality and contribute to the treatment of its problems.

04 – Feeding the labor market with intellectual energies that are able to work in many and varied sectors and bear the conditions of innovation and creativity in their work.

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