The Founder’s Library Cinema hosts the elderly to watch the movie The Last Bedouin

The King Abdulaziz Public Library in Riyadh held a special screening of the documentary film: “The Last Bedouin”, in which it hosted the elderly in an unprecedented cultural gesture.

The interest of the King Abdulaziz Public Library in this category of citizens comes in order to enhance social and cultural interaction, and stems from the library’s interest in various social segments of all ages, which is evident in its provision of children’s libraries, care for child culture, and provision of knowledge and education sources for different age stages, as well as within the framework of its programs and activities and its care for young people and youth Those who receive wide attention by providing appropriate books for them, and also by opening the way for its halls and libraries in various branches and meeting the requests of schools, universities, national and private institutions to visit them, and facilitating ways for the public to watch cinematic and theatrical shows that the library holds.

In addition, the library is keen to take care of the disabled and people with special needs by providing special programs and events for them on all cultural and artistic levels.

The screening of the film for this social segment of retirees also comes as a representation of the values ​​of national interaction, and honoring the roles they played in their lives during their professional work and then the stage of retirement from work, confirming the attention that the Kingdom attaches to social values ​​and principles of human rights.

It is noteworthy that the movie “The Last Bedouin” was produced by the King Abdulaziz Public Library, and it was shown more than once in the past months, as it received a great turnout from the audience of viewers, citizens and residents, who were able, through the documentary, dramatic and dialogue scenes of the film, to watch and read part of the ancient history of the Kingdom. Learn about Bedouin life and its social pattern that preserves traditions and originality, the values ​​of living in the desert, and adapting to its diverse natural and botanical details.

When shown, the film won many praises from the public, critics and intellectuals who described the values ​​it expressed as wonderful, especially the values ​​of patience and the Bedouin man’s love for camels, the land and the tent, and the Saudi connection to the desert despite all the urban, economic and cultural renaissance that the Kingdom witnessed in various fields of life.

The film deals with interesting stories, and recounts the daily experiences of the last adherents to the Bedouin lifestyle in the Arabian Peninsula, and the reason for their adherence to the Bedouin life, and the details of the desert, through various encounters. It sheds light on the life of the Bedouins in Al-Dahna, Al-Saman, the Empty Quarter, and the Bisha Desert, reviewing the reasons that led to their preference for Bedouinism over life in cities, and their adherence to living in the desert and its quiet natural features.

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