The kingdom’s sky is decorated with a giant blue moon

Camera lenses spotted this evening the full moon of the month “Safar” in the sky of the Kingdom and the Arab world, which is the third giant moon this year and the second during the month of August and bears the title of the blue moon.

And the astronomical society in Jeddah stated that most of the months include only one full moon, and during the current month of August there are two, and according to the general name, the second full moon is called the “blue moon”, which is just a designation. The color of the moon is the usual gray that is seen every month, indicating that the moon Blue occurs on average once every two and a half years when the moon is in the full moon phase within the first hours of the month, and the blue giant moon rises from the southeastern horizon with sunset to sunrise tomorrow.

The apparent size of the blue giant moon, compared to most of the moons of the “average” monthly cycle, is 7% larger and its illumination is 15% more, and when the moon is high in the sky, there is no reference point that makes us realize the difference in its apparent size.

And the moon will reach the moment of completion at an angle of 180 degrees from the sun tomorrow at 4:45 am, and it will be the fullest half of its orbit around the Earth during the month.

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