The ninth conference on the fertilizer industry and its development will be held in Amman on Saturday

Ammon – The Jordanian Society for Scientific Research, Leadership and Creativity announced the holding of the ninth economic conference, entitled “Jordan’s Role in the Fertilizer Industry and its Development: Opportunities and Challenges”, in Amman next Saturday.

In a press statement today, Tuesday, the association called on researchers and specialists to attend the conference, which discusses vital and important issues related to the fertilizer industries, and comes up with recommendations and decisions that contribute to raising the level of this sector and raising them to decision makers in the country to benefit from and circulate them.

The president of the association, Dr. Reda Al-Khawaldeh, said that the conference, which is held in cooperation with the University of Petra, deals with two main axes: the reality of the fertilizer industry in Jordan, and investment in the fertilizer sector and food security. The natural resources that the Kingdom enjoys in achieving food security, in line with the vision of economic modernization of the Kingdom, as the state seeks through the vision to establish a solid economic and social base, and to contribute to enhancing the capabilities and sustainability of development paths in the long term.

He pointed out that this conference will form the cornerstone and linking point that Jordan has always needed. To enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of self-reliance, achieve national interests, and develop its economic base, through many future directions for the national economy. This conference will also be the scientific reference for decision-makers to take the most appropriate decisions with regard to the fertilizer sector and its strategic role in achieving food security.

For his part, the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference, Prof. Dr. Samer Rajoub, stressed the importance of the role of fertilizers in achieving food security, as Jordan embraces large companies with qualitative experience in this field, explaining that the exports of the Jordanian fertilizer sector contributed approximately 7.6 percent of the total national exports in 2018. 2022, and the fertilizer sector achieved a growth in the value of its exports amounting to 44.2 percent during the same year.

He pointed out that there are great opportunities for investment in the fertilizer sector that contribute to enhancing food security, raising economic growth rates and increasing the value of exports, thus reducing the level of chronic deficit in the trade balance, which embodies a reflection of the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein, who was the first to highlight that Achieving food security contributes to achieving national security.

The conference will present many research papers with the participation of officials, specialists and researchers. The first session will discuss a paper entitled “Specialized Fertilizers and Their Manufacturing” presented by former Minister of Agriculture Dr. Fayez Al-Khasawneh, and a paper entitled “Illuminations on the National Center for Agricultural Research and its intersections with the fertilizer sector” presented by the Director General of the National Research Center. Agriculture Dr. Nizar Haddad, and a paper on “The Specialized Fertilizer Industry – Available and Potential Opportunities” presented by the President of the Syndicate of Agricultural Traders and Producers, Eng. Muhammad Louay Baybars.

The second session will discuss a paper entitled “Jordan’s Role in the Fertilizer Industry and its Development – Achieving Arab Food Security” presented by Dr. Fadel Al-Zoubi, and a paper entitled “Environmentally Friendly, Low-carbon Solutions for the Fertilizer Industry and Agriculture” presented by a member of the Board of Directors of Manaseer Group / CEO of Afra Mining Company Eng. Wael Abu Armila, and a paper entitled “Integrated Management of Fertilizers to Enhance Food Security” presented by Dr. Mounir Al-Rousan.


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