The Public Authority for Consumer Protection approves the administrative and financial reports

The Public Authority for Consumer Protection approves the administrative and financial reports

08-31-2023 12:04 PM

Ammon – The General Assembly of the National Society for Consumer Protection approved the financial and administrative reports during its meeting held yesterday, Wednesday, headed by Dr. Muhammad Obeidat, head of the administrative body, and in the presence of a number of members of the General Assembly who have paid their annual subscriptions.

Dr. Muhammad Obeidat, head of the administrative body, reviewed the most prominent activities of the association over the past year and the obstacles that prevented the realization of some of the things and issues that the association aspired to achieve due to the lack of funding for these issues.

He added that the association followed the most prominent issues and files that concern and affect the Jordanian consumer in all its segments, taking into account the necessity of preserving the rights and gains of the consumer, as he referred to the issue of the tax on renewable energy and the association’s demand for the need to cancel this tax with regard to the domestic sector, because this decision is unfair to citizens and companies. That work in this field and not to leave this important sector in the hands of some monopolists who prey on citizens and the consumer issue “purchasing via fake social networking sites that incurred financial losses to citizens as a result of fraud and fraud carried out by most of these sites, in addition to the association’s refusal to use powdered milk in the dairy industry And its products, as well as the demand for price ceilings for chicken, especially in the holy month of Ramadan. The association also expressed its fear of the repeated rises in the prices of most consumer goods.

Al-Obeidat referred to the association’s participation in conferences and workshops of interest to the consumer, including the conference of the Arab Consumer Union held in the Omani capital, Muscat, as well as participation in the electric car workshop and pregnancy workshops carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Environment.

And he indicated that the association continues to present its various activities, whether it is in carrying out its educational duty towards consumers or transferring their complaints and suffering to the responsible authorities and participating in their name in many councils and committees to express the consumer’s point of view and desires despite the association’s suffering from a scarcity of financial resources.

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