The Saudi player is the biggest loser

The Saudi Football Association’s retraction of the decision to oblige the clubs of the Saudi Professional Roshen League to participate in the reserve league came as a shock to the sports community, who saw that this regression had many negatives that the Football Association may not have taken into account, especially since the Saudi player has become limited to participating in official matches, in addition to that The reversal of the decision made some whisper to Wilms that the clubs are stronger than the federation.

Al-Watan asked the sports fans about the decision through a questionnaire on its account on the social networking site “X”, during which the athletes expressed their different opinions, but the majority saw that the decision was wrong, and that the Saudi player was the biggest loser as a result of it.

Wrong decision

The majority of the voters in the “Al-Watan” survey considered the Football Association’s decision very wrong, because it should have adhered to its previous decision, and obligated the clubs to participate in the reserve league, for several reasons, the most important of which was that the decision was in the interest of the Saudi player after raising the number of Foreign players to 8 players in each club, and it will give him the opportunity to participate weekly, and secondly, that the Federation sticks to its decision will prove its strength and that it is able to control clubs, and proves that the masses and power of clubs will not affect its decisions, whatever they are, and the third thing is that the Federation will later back down from important decisions amid The power of clubs, and 44.5% of the participants voted for the option that the decision is wrong.

The biggest loser

In light of the presence of 8 foreign players in each club, the chance of the Saudi player participating in the official matches will be very small, and he will be the biggest loser from the decision, according to what sports analysts see, as the participation of Saudi players mainly in matches is now limited to 3 players in Every club, and often in assisting positions that do not represent the backbone of the team, in all lines, which will affect the sensitivity of the local player, who will be required to do his best during next January when the Saudi national team competes in the 2023 Asian Cup, which will be held in Qatar, and may be The return is not convincing and affects the results of the Falcons in the major tournaments, which was confirmed by 15.7% of the voters in the “Al-Watan” referendum.

sudden transfers

The desire of a large number of local players to participate as key players will prompt them to search for the opportunity to participate primarily in clubs other than their clubs, especially those who do not find their opportunity in their current club, and the end of the current summer transfer period, which will close on September 7, may witness sudden transfers of players. the green.

good move

Some found that the decision was correct, because it came against the backdrop that the local and continental calendars are crowded with the participation of clubs and the Saudi national team, in addition to the fact that the clubs’ budgets cannot afford to play 68 regular matches during one season, so it is better not to oblige the clubs to participate in the reserve league and to participate Optional, and in the coming seasons, the league will be applied after the clubs succeed in increasing their financial income, and the calendar is suitable for holding reserve league competitions, which was indicated by 32% of the voters.


A small number of voters believed that the Saudi Football Association did not take into account, before retracting its decision, the interest of the Saudi national team, and did not take into account the needs of the green, as 7.8% voted for the option of not taking into account the national team’s need for the permanent participation of players, and this matter will be negative for the presence of the distinguished Saudi player during The coming period, especially in the goalkeeper positions, mid-defence, defensive axis, playmaking, attack, and the Saudi national team will be affected by that unless there is a new mechanism that helps highlight talents and gives them the opportunity to participate permanently in strong competitions, or approve the reserve league permanently until players are released. The good ones, although his enthusiasm and strength will not reach the strength and excitement of the Roshen Saudi Professional League.

– 44.5% of the participants voted that the decision was wrong

– 32% believe that abolishing the mandatory reserve is a right decision

– 15.7 believe that the Saudi player is the biggest loser from canceling the reserve

– 7.8 They argued that the Saudi Federation did not take into account the national team’s need for a local player

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