Two road projects in the Holy Capital

The Municipality of the Holy Capital, represented by the General Administration of Roads and Lighting, is working on the implementation of two road projects leading to Al Sharia General Hospital, and leading to the Jaarana Public Park.

The official spokesman for the Municipality of the Holy Capital, Osama Al-Zaytouni, stated that the road leading to the Ja’ranah Public Park aims to widen the road linking the Miqat Mosque in Ja’ranah and Al-Zaymah Al-Jumum Road, and contributes to the distribution of traffic density to reduce the number of accidents, and to serve the residents of the Ja’ranah neighborhoods and the areas adjacent to it. It leads to the ease and smoothness of traffic movement and raises the efficiency of the road, in addition to facilitating the movement and access of visitors and Umrah pilgrims from Al-Madinah Road to the Miqat of Ja’ranah, as well as to Al-Sail Road.

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