Visits to “Maeen Platform” exceed 62 million visits

The Board of Grievances, represented by the Center for Digital Judicial Services, announced that the number of visits to the services of the Maeen digital platform since its launch until today has reached 62,025,970 visits since the launch of the platform five years ago, as a first digital window to transform the steps of the administrative judiciary into digital services that can be done remotely to save time and effort. And the cost, and the duration of litigation on the beneficiary.

The Court stated that the Maeen digital platform represents an incubator for digital litigation services in all administrative courts and departments, in the various stages of litigation, and allows beneficiaries to file their lawsuits and judicial requests and attend their sessions, leading to the issuance of judgments and receiving their executive copies, indicating that the platform facilitates its services to all beneficiaries. Remote litigation procedures and the information they need about the use of each service separately.

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