Our products vary with the season. Starting in January we sell cut flowers plus porch pots and porch baskets of plants that are winter hardy, hoping to offer you a little color to blush off the greys of winter. We also sell home made scented candles and hand made garden theme earrings.

As we move into late winter and early spring, our tulips, daffodils and a host of other tinier bulbous blossoms come ready for sale.  And our daffodil bunches are fragrant and luscious. We sell them at the farm and to our in-town flower route customers.

This season we have added to our product list.  We now offer packets of veggie and flower seed for sale. 

May brings us into full swing with hanging baskets. In 2016 we are planting over 1000 baskets!! They will be featuring several new sizes and shapes of pots full of our lush, healthy flower mixes. Petunias including wave varieties, ramblers, ulatra, dreams, and sonata varieties, to name a few, show themselves off to great advantage. Lovely mixtures of angel wing begonias, calibrachoa, bacopa, nemesia, nierembergia, lobelia, argyranthemum, abutilon, osteospermum and lots more will line our driveway and hang from the blooming apple trees. It's a sight to behold!!

We also sell a full range of bedding plants, peonies and bleeding hearts and other perennials, plus seeds and some hard goods.

Throughout spring, summer and autumn we carry planted patio and porch pots and baskets as well. With all of this going on, we still make and sell dozens of freshly cut bouquets and provide a full range of wedding floral services.

When frost hits, our world changes here, as does our daily routine. We take down our satellite roadside stands and go to work planting bulbs for spring bloom. By the end of November we also start with evergreen wreaths and table arrangements for seasonal celebrations.

We continue with fresh cut flowers from South America and we do funerals and our weddings as well year round. So, while the year ends, we really never stop.