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Boca visit to Defense and Justice this Friday, from 6:45 p.m. at the Norberto Tomaghello, for the fourth date of the League Cup. He Xeneize They need a win after two consecutive losses in the tournament to settle in zone 2 of the competition against a Halcón that is in the same situation and has the Copa Sudamericana as its goal. what you need to know.

In the first time Jorge Almirón’s team started better, giving signs of danger with his attack Valentín Barco, Luis Advíncula and Edinson Cavani, but as the minutes passed they lost the middle and, with errors forced by the local pressure, they ended up having a bad time at the close of the first half to the point of going into half-time trailing on the scoreboard.

The first clear chance was when they took the goal out of Colo’s mouth, the same one that shortly after was thwarted on the line by former xeneize Santiago Ramos Mingo in the play whose counter-attack culminated with a shot very close to Gastón Togni. Julio Vaccari’s team was beginning to show signs of its danger with the ball at speed.

The final stretch of the period was a dance by the Falcon to his bewildered visitor, who could not get out of the siege. Santiago Solari demanded Javier García, Agustín Sant’Anna repeated a free kick, Uvita Fernández sent a shot wide and then hit the crossbar; Marcos Rojo immediately cleared the line from an attempt by Nicolás Tripicchio.

Finally, when it seemed that the bell saved Boca, the goal came at 46. Another counter ended with a great Togni-Uvita combination and the latter executing García on the left with exquisite definition.

Defense and Justice vs. Boca, for the League Cup: follow it LIVE, minute by minute

ST 4m Boat defines the body of Bologna

Colo doesn’t get a good shot.

The complement is played!

Boca will try to raise its head against Defense.

PT 48m End of the first half

Defense goes into the break 1-0 over Boca.


Uvita Fernández remains one-on-one on the left after an impeccable counter and a good combination with Togni and beats García with a low shot to his left.

PT 42m Uvita Fernández’s stick and Rojo’s line before a shot from Tripicchio

Boca is saved twice and the Falcon regrets it.

PT 41m Uvita Fernández wastes his chance

Shot low and deflected to the right of García.

PT 39m Was it a penalty for Defense?

Fabra jumps on Solari, was it a foul?

PT 37m García covers it for Sant’Anna

The goalkeeper thwarts the local free kick.

PT 36m Save Boca

After a bad start by García, Solari confronts him from the right and the goalkeeper recovers.

PT 22m Minute of fury, from arc to arc

Barco defines from the left and scores the goal on the line by Ramos Mingo; After the quick counter, Togni shoots outside on the left.

PT 8m They take it out of Barco’s crop!

After an excellent wall by Cavani with Advíncula, the Peruvian assists the Colo who they anticipate right under the nose of Bologna.

It’s already being played in Florencio Varela!

Boca tries to return to victory against Defensa y Justicia.

The formation of Boca vs. Defense and Justice, for the League Cup

Javier García; Marcelo Weigandt, Nicolás Figal, Marcos Rojo and Frank Fabra; Luis Advíncula, Cristian Medina, Guillermo Fernández, Equi Fernández, Valentín Barco; Edinson Cavani.

The eleven of Defense and Justice vs. Boca, for the League Cup

Henry Bologna; Augustine Sant’Anna, Julian Malatini, James Ramos Mingo, Alexis Soto; Nicholas Tripicchio, Julian Lopez, Gaston Togni; Nicholas Fernandez and David Bardona.

The Boca bus was attacked before reaching the Defense and Justice stadium

The second transport of the Xeneize delegation, which was not the one that carried the soccer players, but rather members of the Soccer Council and the medical staff were there, received a stone on one of its windows.

This is how Boca arrived in Florencio Varela

Starting at 6:45 p.m., Jorge Almirón’s team will face Defensa y Justicia, for the fourth round of the League Cup.

This is how Defense and Justice arrives at the duel with Boca

On the Halcón side, they have come from overcoming a 2-0 defeat against Godoy Cruz on Monday, in the postponed date 1 of the League Cup that had been suspended due to the storm that prevented the people of Mendoza from traveling at the time. Varela’s team tied 1-1 against Sarmiento on the third date and until now, although they did not lose, they could not add three in the competition.

How Boca arrives at the match with Defensa y Justicia

Jorge Almirón’s team has just lost 1-0 against Tigre at home with a lackluster image and there are now two defeats in a row after also losing against Sarmiento on their visit to Junín. With the Copa Libertadores semis against Palmeiras as the main objective, the coach will also put his best into Florencio Varela even though the series begins in which he will play six games in 20 days.

Defense and Justice data vs. Boca, for the League Cup

In total they faced each other 10 times.

  • Defense won only once
  • Boca won six times
  • They finished tied three times

Last confrontation: Boca 0-0 Defense, on date 6 of the 2023 Professional League

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