“I’m not paid to love”

President of Porto’s CM responded to the Dragons coach’s statements.

The exchange of words between Sérgio Conceição and Rui Moreira has not yet ended and this time it was the President of the CM of Porto responding to the FC Porto coach, who had spoken of “supporters and pseudo-supporters” in a press conference regarding the most recent reviews.

“The president of the Chamber does not comment on the statements made by the FC Porto coach (…). I am not paid to love, I love without being paid”, he said in statements to Rádio Renascença.

Sérgio Conceição, in a preview conference for the duel with Estrela da Amadora, had also said that he thought the form and content were “bad” because it was misleading, in relation to the first criticisms, when Rui Moreira called the Porto coach a “failure”.

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The Post “I’m not paid to love”
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