Pedro Rocha will be president of the RFEF until the elections

The decision needed to be ratified, but finally, Pedro Rocha, who was the acting president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), He will remain in office until elections are held. In the institution. This has been transmitted by the RFEF in a statement.

Context. With this step, and under the proclamation that Rocha “will lead the transition process in the RFEF”, the entity seeks to clear its name after what happened with the previous president, Luis Rubialesat the Women’s Soccer World Cup, in which he kissed a player without her consent.

In his speech, Rocha assured that it was necessary to “recover the dignity and credibility lost after the events of the World Cup” and that the RFEF had to first stabilize itself in order to progress later.

Who should make the decision that Pedro Rocha continue as president of the RFEF?

The entities that had to ratify the decision that Rocha was the president of the RFEF until the elections were held were the Commission of Presidents of Autonomous and Territorial Federations and the Board of Directors/Managing Commission of the RFEF.

  • For the RFEF, having a leadership legitimized by all entities of the institution was the first step to be able to carry out transformations within the federation “as quickly as possible, in a progressive manner.”

And now that? We have to wait for the election call

How we explain to you at Newtral.esAfter the resignation of Rubiales on September 10, the process of calling elections for the presidency of the RFEF began. This is described in article 31.8 of the federative statutes (page 34):

  • This paragraph establishes that “if the president ceases for reasons other than the conclusion of his term, the Board of Directors will constitute the Management Commission and call elections to fill the position.”

At the moment, the date of these elections is not known, but everything indicates that they will be held in the first quarter of 2024, before the Paris Olympics.


RFEF statement of September 15, 2023

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