Pre-Olympics: Brazil dominates Argentina and takes the first step towards a place in Paris | volleyball

The rivalry was there, even if it was a different classic. Brazil entered the court to face Argentina without being able to give chances for mishaps, however. By ignoring the nervousness of their debut in Tokyo, the women’s volleyball team began their search for a place at the Paris Games in the best possible way in the early hours of this Saturday. In the first match of the Pre-Olympic, a calm victory to shake off the nervousness: 3 sets to 0, partials 25/17, 25/20 and 25/22.

The victory adds fuel to what promises to be an intense few days in Tokyo. In the Pre-Olympics, only two of the eight teams guarantee a place at the Paris Olympics next year. The team returns to the court in the early hours of this Sunday to face Peru, at 4am, with SportV2 transmission and full GE coverage.

Brazil celebrates point against Argentina — Photo: Disclosure

Top scorers:
Kisy (BRA) – 16 points
Herrera (ARG) – 15 points
Gabi (BRA) – 12 points

Attack points:
Brazil: 50 points
Argentina: 29 points

Blocking points:
Brazil: 9 points
Argentina: 9 points

Loot Points:
Brazil: 2 points
Argentina: 3 points

Points for opponent errors:
Brazil: 14 points
Argentina: 18 points

1st set – Brazil heats up and takes the lead

Roberta’s serve into the net in the first play of the match was no cause for concern. It was necessary to fix one thing or another, it’s true. But, little by little, everything fell into place. Faced with a much more fragile rival, Brazil imposed itself in attack and blocking. In Julia Bergmann’s beautiful diagonal, 12/7 on the count. Shortly afterwards, a strike from Thaisa scored 15/8 and forced a timeout from the Argentine side. The sisters even took away a point or two, but without threatening the Brazilian advantage. In the end, an attack from Kisy closed the partial: 25/17.

2nd set – Selection maintains the pace and increases the advantage

Argentina, of course, tried to get back into the fight. He reduced his errors and started to better fit his attacks at the beginning of the second set. Even so, Brazil didn’t take long to gain an advantage. Kisy and Julia Bergmann, the team’s top scorers so far, made the team accelerate. Thaisa, with an attack, scored 14/10. Despite the efforts on the other side, Brazil’s peaceful victory in the second set: 25/20.

Kisy in action against Argentina — Photo: Disclosure

3rd set – Brazil suffers, but closes the game

Brazil slowed down on the way back to the court. Argentina took advantage and, for a moment, seemed to want to make a victory that seemed simple difficult. He even got ahead of the score for a moment: 11/10. Little by little, however, the team took the lead. In the final stretch, the Argentine team threatened again, but did not have the strength to prevent the fall: 25/22.

Thaisa rises above Argentina’s blockade — Photo: Disclosure

Check the dates and times of Brazil’s games:

  • 16/09, Saturday
    4h – Brasil 3 x 0 Argentina, 25/17, 25/20 e 25/22
  • 17/09, domingo
    4h – Brasil x Peru
  • 19/09, Tuesday
    4h – Brazil x Bulgaria
  • 09/20, Wednesday
    4h – Brazil x Puerto Rico
  • 09/22, Friday
    4h – Brazil x Türkiye
  • 09/23, Saturday
    4h – Brazil x Belgium
  • 24/09, domingo
    4h – Brazil x Japan

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