Today is the Champions League draw

31 August 2023

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Today, Thursday evening, the draw for the group stage of the Champions League competition will be held, where the 32 teams are waiting to know the identity of their competitors.

Today, Thursday evening, the draw for the group stage of the Champions League competition will be held, where the 32 teams are waiting to know the identity of their competitors.

The qualified teams were divided into 4 levels, where each level includes 8 teams, and one team will be selected from each level in each group, until the eight groups are formed in the first round.

According to the competition laws and the European Union classifications, the defending champion and Premier League champion Manchester City, the European League champion Seville, the Spanish League champion Barcelona, ​​​​the Italian League champion Napoli, the German League champion Bayern Munich, and the French League champion Paris Saint-Germain, signed in the first level. And the Portuguese league champion Benfica, and the Dutch league champion Feyenoord.

In the second level, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Inter Milan, Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, Leipzig, Porto and Arsenal came in, while Shakhtar Donetsk, Salzburg, Milan, Braga, Eindhoven, Lazio, Red Star Belgrade and Copenhagen came in the third level.

In the fourth level, Young Boys, Real Sociedad, Galatasaray, Celtic, Newcastle United, Union Berlin, Antwerp and Lens come.

Feyenoord and Seville

It is clear that the second level is full of big teams, headed by Real Madrid, Arsenal, Manchester United and Inter Milan, and these teams seek to avoid the seniors of the first level, and their eyes are directed in particular to the two weakest links… Seville and Feyenoord.

Despite the excellent levels that Feyenoord has presented in the past two years, it is still “soft” in the most expensive European competition, at a time when Seville has been suffering since the beginning of the current season, after losing its three matches in the Spanish League.

The eyes of the second-level teams, as well as the first-level teams, will be directed towards the third level, as Milan, who reached the semi-finals last season, emerges as a prominent candidate for the competition, while all teams are looking to avoid facing 3 teams in particular within the fourth level, which are Newcastle, Galatasaray and Union. Berlin.

death groups

Here is a strong possibility for the emergence of iron groups, for example, Manchester City can be dissolved in a group that also contains Real Madrid, Milan and Union Berlin.

Barcelona hopes for an easy group after failing to pass the first round during the previous two seasons, but the draw may put it in a very difficult group, which could contain Manchester United, Milan and Galatasaray.

For his part, Bayern Munich is looking to avoid teams such as Arsenal, United and Atletico Madrid from the second level, and Milan and Lazio from the third level, which also applies to Paris Saint-Germain.

Easy scenarios

On the other hand, there are scenarios that the giants of the first level wish to avoid the hardship of facing big teams.

For example, Paris Saint-Germain may come in a group that includes Leipzig, Braga and Young Boys, and Manchester City may come in a group alongside Porto, Red Star Belgrade and Antwerp.

There is also the possibility of seeing balanced groups that may not have a wide public following, as Seville may come in a group that includes Porto and Salzburg and qualified from the qualifiers, in exchange for Benfica falling into a group alongside Atletico Madrid, Newcastle and Lens.

It remains to wait for the identity of the other teams that will complete the contract of the finalists, noting that the draw is directed in a way to avoid two teams from one country falling into one group, provided that the first and second of each group qualify for the final price.

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