Apple struggles with demand as iPhone 15 and 15 Pro Max preorders start from £18

Everything you need to know about iPhone 15: ordering, prices, new features and deliveries

That is us for today!

Pre-orders are still open and whilst you may catch a slight post 5pm rush the queues seem to only be lasting around five minutes. As a quick reminder where you can order from here’s a list below, of course not forgetting Apple:

In the meantime we’ve put together all the details surrounding Apple’s newest range of devices, whether you’re unsure about delivery times, want to compare prices or don’t know which of the four new models is for you. So sit back, grab a cuppa and read all about the iPhone 15 below.

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Need a case to protect your new iPhone?

If you’ve dropped hundreds of pounds on the newest model today you’ll likely be in search of a protective case…. just in case you were to drop it. So we’ve scoured the new designs and picked out an option for all budgets.

Get a case for your new iPhone 15:

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Hundreds of pounds off iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models

It may be last years device but as GiffGaff proves below there are some huge savings to be had – which we’ll likely see this time next year on the current flagship iPhone 15 range.

So if you have your eyes on an iPhone 14 these are the retailers, along with GiffGaff, offering hundreds of pounds off the model.

Get hundreds off the iPhone 14 range at:

You can read our full guide to iPhone 14 deals here: Where to buy a cheap iPhone 14 ahead of Apple’s iPhone 15 launch:

The iPhone 15 Pro orders are delayed until October 2

Another model which has been hit by huge demand and delivery delays is the iPhone 15 Pro.

Apple’s site now states delivery between September 27 and October 2 even though shoppers who don’t pre-order today will in theory be able to walk in-store and buy a model next Friday, September 22.

iPhone Pro Max hit with huge order delays

It’s the return of iPhone 14 issues as certain iPhone 15 Pro models are appearing to have much longer pre-order dates, a hint that UK stock is dwindling. So if you have your eye on the model we’d reccommend acting quick.

One of our team has ordered a shiny new iPhone 15 Pro Max for herself but when at the checkout the delivery date has jumped from September 22 to dates between October 9-16, that’s at least 18 days later than usual.

Tips for finding the best deal

Our Mirror Tech Editor has shared his tips for pre-ordering an iPhone 15 today, especially if you’re unsure which network to go for. And after seeing the devices for himself live from Apple Park in California it’s only right we share.

Tips for buying an iPhone 15 from a Tech Editor:

  • Check the amount of mobile data you’re using each month, there’s no point paying for an unlimited allowance if you only use 5GB each month on average
  • Check the amount of storage you’re using on your current phone, it might be tempting to save money today – but it’ll cost you in the long run with cloud storage subscriptions
  • How often do you travel? Only a couple of networks still offer free EU roaming these days, if you’re a frequent flier these charges can quickly stack-up so it can be cheaper to pay more for a network that doesn’t charge to access your minutes, texts, and 5G data abroad

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Currys shares crucial iPhone 15 delivery warning

As we were uncovering the prices listed below we spotted a key note on Currys site, and it could be the difference of getting your new iPhone 15 on time or not.

All pre-orders today will be dispatched for delivery on (or after) September 22. For many shoppers it’s hoped the device will arrive on the official sale day (Spetember 22) but there is always the change in small print it could arrive a few days later, which isn’t ideal.

Currys states that shoppers ordering more than one iPhone 15 should do separate pre-orders and purchases to increase the chances of both devices arriving on time.

Sky is giving away double data

WOHOO the first freebies are starting to trickle in on iPhone 15 pre-orders and Sky Mobile has slashed the price of its data.

The provider has brought a deal on all iPhone 15 adjacent data packages, meaning you’ll pay half and get double the amount of data. For instance, it’s 8GB package is now the price of 4GB at £8 a month.

Sky’s iPhone 15 data deals:

  • 8GB for the price of 4Gb at £8 a month
  • 20GB for the price of 10GB at £10 a month
  • 60GB for the price of 30GB at £15 a month
  • 100GB for the price of 50GB at £20 a month
  • 150GB for the price of 75GB at £26 a month
  • Three has some big upfront costs

    The Three site is back up but definitely being glitchy with the huge surge of demand, so we’ve not managed to get a detailed look at contracts just yet.

    But we do have an idea of te starting price for each iPhone 15 series handset, and they are:

    • iPhone 15 from £30 a month with upfront £30
    • iPhone 15 Plus from £32.75 a month and £40 upfront
    • iPhone 15 Pro from £35 a month and a £50 upfront cost
    • iPhone 15 Pro Max for £40.75 a month and £60 upfront fee

    You can pre-order one of the new devices from Three Mobile here.

    Better news for EE shoppers

    Unlike Three, EE’s site is up and running and its prices are in. Plus there’s good news for full unlimited data users, take a look.

    iPhone 15 series at EE:

    Three is down

    I tried to look at the pre-orders on Three Mobile’s site to get a glimpse of the prices and it immediately crashed. We’ll keep you updated if you’re looking to order from here, as its prices are yet to come in to.

    O2’s prices are in….. and a bit more expensive

    Now moving onto the next network, O2, who’s prices are slightly on the higher side.

    O2 is slightly more expensive than the likes of Sky Mobile and will charge £42 for the iPhone 15 (with only 1GB of data). The iPhone 15 Plus starts from £45, the iPhone 14 Pro from £48 and the iPhone 14 Pro Max from £54.


    It’s gone 1PM which mean all iPhone 15 pre-orders are open!

    We have official prices from Sky Mobile starting at £26, Vodafone has just confirmed its prices from £41 (including 3GB of data) now lets get into the other networks as we race to find O2, EE, and Three’s prices.

    10 minutes to go!

    Not long now until retailers race to put up the best price.

    Pre-orders at Apple, Sky Mobile, Three, EE, O2, Vodafone and GiffGaff will all open at 1PM….. so get ready to shop around!

    Vodafone is shouting about the new Apple Watch

    With all talks revolving around the iPhone 15 series don’t forget that the shiny new Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 are also up for pre-ordering today. And Vodafone have you covered.

    We don’t know prices yet but we do know they’ll stock it.

    What are other networks saying?

    Only Sky Mobile has released its pricing so far but that doesn’t mean the iPhone 15 won’t be available at other well known networks. In fact the opposite, as six popular retailers have pre-order landing pages raring to go.

    iPhone 15 pre-orders:

    • O2 – You can register your interest for pre-orders now

    • EE – The pre-order landing page is open

    • Three – ‘iPhone 15 deals and contracts coming soon’

    • Vodafone – ‘Register to get it first’

    • GiffGaff – The page is open to ‘pre-register’

    • – You can register now

    A look at the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

    • 5X telephoto camera offering a 120mm lens
    • Combined 3D sensor and autofocus
    • An all-new action button that replaces the mute switch
    • All new colours: Black Titanium, White Titanium, Blue Titanium, and Natural Titanium

    • USB-C connector
    • Wi-Fi 6E supported

    iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus upgrades

    • A 48MP main camera on the iPhone 15
    • The dynamic island is a huge feature again
    • All eyes are on portrait style photography – brighter colours
    • New smart HDR on the front camera
    • All new colours: Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, Product (RED), and Black
    • New USB-C charging

    We had first peak at the new iPhone

    Mirror Technology Editor Dave Snelling tries the new iPhone 15 Pro (APPLE)

    “Mirror Online jetted off to the spaceship-like Apple campus in Cupertino to be one of the first in the world to get our hands on these upcoming smartphones and we’ve been left pretty impressed by what the teams at Apple have rustled up in 2023.”

    You can read our Mirror Tech editor Dave Snelling’s full review here.

    Now let’s unpack what these flagship devices have to offer, in the hopes it’ll help you make a choice by 1pm.

    iPhone 15 pre-order day

    Today’s the day Apple’s shiny new iPhone 15 range will be available to pre-order.

    Yes that’s right, you will be able to buy one of the four new devices to arrive at your door ahead of the official in-store sale date. It’s perfect for eager shoppers who want to get their hands on the newest Apple device.

    For many shoppers it’s a chance to bag a data deal or even a free tech accessory (which we could see today).

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